Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Happenings

Really, one day I will get to blog more.  I'm either getting old quick :) or it's just been extra busy...but I've been exhausted.  I even napped today.  

Here are some photos from today...

Sandija's first time to our church...  She is very happy to be holding her new Latvian Bible.  I found the Scriptures from today's message and pointed to them for her to read while we read our Bibles.  We are blessed to have another family in our church who is hosting a boy from Ukraine this summer, so we congregated today and shared hosting stories.  Both sets of hosting parents came to one big conclusion: We were very tired today!  :)

First trip to Cracker Barrel for lunch...  Here she is laughing because Chris was using a translator to tell her what they had to eat there.  Apparently the word "chicken" got her giggling today!

Playing checkers with "Daddy Bear"...

Let's just say that we have some table manners that we're working on... ;)  She was very excited to unroll the napkin and find her silverware inside.

One of our sons gave her $2 to spend, and she asked me if she could use it to buy our youngest daughter a birthday gift.  She chose this roll of huge Smarties.  Very sweet of her to use her only money to buy someone else a gift...really, think about that one...

And here she is at gift time, giving the candy to our youngest daughter.  Both were happy!  (On a side note, today Sandija grabbed my hand during church, and my youngest grabbed my other hand.  And it struck me how amazing it was that I was holding the hand of one child born in Asia and the other born in Eastern Europe.  How many people can say they had that honor in church this morning?)

The girls dressed up like princesses for today's birthday party.  Sandija said, "It's magical!"

And the boys dressed like knights to defend the ladies.  Here they are posing in character.  :)

She is always giving hugs and more hugs!

This host Mama is going to SLEEP now!  Goodnight.

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