Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love Notes

I have left little love notes for Sandija over the past 4 her bed, in her Bible, at her place at the table, with her tea.  And last week I began to receive some from her also.  Here's one that she wrote on our dry erase board.  It says, "Mama loves her children with her whole heart and soul."  And in the heart, she wrote, "Mama + children."  Ya see...this concept is brand new to her: a Mama who really loves her children.

Yesterday, she asked if she could dump out our candy bucket.  Out rolled a ton of candy and some stray cookie crumbs onto a blanket on the floor.  She was busy going through it for a long time.  Then she said, "Mama, come see!!"  And here was a "candy love note" for me.

The past 4.5 weeks have been very exhausting, training Sandija in the basics of manners, correcting pouting and tantrums, and learning in a few weeks what Mamas usually have years to learn about a child.  We've had our ups and downs.  The ups have been very up, and the downs have been like one of those rides where you free fall for 20 stories!  But here we are near the end of the ride, and we don't want it to stop.  I fully dread Thursday when we have to say goodbye.  This child is a daughter in my heart.

And, on a different note....10 years ago, I gave birth to this treasure:
This one is "a balm to my spirit," as I've called him for years.  He's the tender-hearted one who seeks to care for the brokenhearted and will take a backseat to make sure others are cared for.  And he is VERY funny...keeps me laughing every day.  Happy birthday, buddy!  I love you deeply.

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