Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miss Joanie

Date of Birth:  July 2006
Gender:  Female
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Brown

Lookie at this little gal all dolled up in polka dots and glasses!  Miss Joanie is waiting for her forever family to find her.  She needs prayer warriors to faithfully pray for her.  Remember, she has no Mama and no Daddy and probably nobody at all praying for her.  This is where WE come in.  You, right there at your computer screen can lift this little girl up to Him in prayer.  Far from an inferior role, PRAYER is actually the big work.  It is not us who place the lonely in is HIM (Psalm 68:6).

Just today we were reading about how Joshua stayed in the valley to lead the Israelites into battle, while Moses went up to the top of the mountain to pray.  Moses lifted his hands and prayed.  While his hands were raised, the Israelites were winning.  But when he dropped his hands, the Israelites began to lose the battle.  Moses couldn't keep his arms raised because they grew tired, so Aaron and Hur held up his arms until the battle was won.  

THAT is what we do in prayer.  We may not be the family who adopts little Joanie, but we can sure play a significant role in bringing her home.  Prayer is the big work.  It is the lifting up of our arms, just like Moses did.  Battles are won in prayer.  

If you stumble across this blog and find yourself reading this, please know that it's not by accident.  YOU are a wonderful part of Joanie's story (or any of the children featured on here who are awaiting a forever family).  YOU can pray as Moses did. You can print Joanie's picture and place it somewhere where you see if often...and commit to praying for God's perfect Will in her life.

You can advocate for Joanie by sharing my blog address with your friends and family and church prayer groups.  Joanie cannot speak up for herself, and we have the amazing responsibility of being her voice in our own circle of influence.  If we could only see the potential of  many of us across the globe coming together in prayer for these little ones!

A fun part of committing to praying for a child is watching as God moves in a family's heart to adopt them.  At this link, you can check to see if the child you are praying for has had a family step forward to commit to adopt them.  Keep praying for them!

If you'd like to donate to Joanie's adoption fund, you can do that here.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Last year we helped advocate for this little munchkin.  We spoke to friends who prayed about adopting Kirill, but the door did not open.  Soon after, another family stepped forward to adopt him.  Their adoption process has been very long and rough.  Recently, the judge ruled that they could not adopt Kirill, simply because he has Down Syndrome.  They are appealing that ruling and are seeking prayer warriors to rally together for their cause.  It is GOD who sets the lonely in families...God and God alone.  So, please join me in lifting up in faith-filled prayer precious Kirill and this family who loves him so dearly.

I urge you to visit their blog to read their story and join them in urgent prayer.   On their blog, scroll down to their blog post titled "Kirill's Story."