Friday, March 23, 2012

New Picture of Miss Avalyn

The orphanage sent new photos to the E family.  Here is one of them.  Introducing their Avalyn (now obviously older than the first photo they had)...

Today the E family is having a photo shoot fundraiser.  A photographer friend of theirs is taking family photos in the beautiful Texas bluebonnets.  All proceeds will go to the E family's adoption.

I have no doubt whatsoever that God will multiply every effort and every dollar to bring this sweet pea home to them.  His math always boggles my mind!

For those of you reading these updates, please join me in praying for God to touch the hearts of people to invest in placing His child into her forever family.  And if you want to help them financially, just put on your creative hat and come up with your own little way of earning some money to send to the E family.  One family recently had a yard sale in Ohio in order to raise money for a family in Georgia who was adopting (and they had never met each other!).  YOU can play a pivotal role in the E family's adoption.  Every penny counts, and God will multiply the money and the effort. 

Step out and just watch as God works in and through you!    

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Follow Along on a Faith Journey!

Most of the time, I post information and photos of children who are in need of someone stepping forward to adopt them.  Oftentimes, I am busy "on the side" walking alongside other families who are in the middle of an adoption.  It's one of the most amazing ministries God has placed in my lap!  I've watched Him move mountains for people who step forward to adopt.  I've had a front row seat for miracles of His provision, and over and over again, He proves His faithfulness...and the "WOW" factor never gets old!  

I could tell you many stories of how a family stepped forward to adopt and had no idea how they would pay for it.  Then, over the course of weeks and months, the pennies and dollars all came in right on time...EVERY TIME!  It's quite a blessing to hear those stories with happy endings (and I have several I could share with you!).  But, I thought it would be even more faith-building if you could hear an adoption story, real time.  In, other words, there is not yet a happy ending.  In fact, the story is just beginning.  This is a true, real life account of a real family who just recently stepped out in pure faith to adopt a treasure who has Down Syndrome.  They are at the very beginning of this wild ride, and they have no idea how God will provide all they need.  

I have such absolute faith in my God's provision that I have decided to share their story as it happens...because I know that there IS a happy ending that we just cannot yet see.  When God calls you to do something, He rarely shows you HOW He's going to accomplish it.  Oftentimes, it seems impossible to our human minds.  But, after the step of faith if taken, He puts a foundation under that step.  Then, the next step again feels impossible, but once we take it, our foot falls not into thin air but onto His all-providing palm.  Soon, the "impossible" is accomplished, as we realize that He was really telling the truth when He said, "With God, all things are possible." 

So, I'm inviting you and anybody else you know to check this blog frequently during the next several months as we chronicle the walk of faith of one family.  

Here's a brief introduction...

In November, we were contacted by our adoption case worker, asking if we or anyone else we knew would be interested in adopting some children with special needs in Taiwan.  My husband and I looked over the information and prayed about it, but we knew our place this time around was to advocate and pray for the children.  I contacted a family we have known for a long time (really really long time...the mom and I met in 2nd grade back in the dark ages of Brady Bunch and Holly Hobby).  They prayed about it, and stepped forward to adopt this little sweet pea (whom we will call "Baby A"): 

"Baby A"

She's just about the cutest thing you've ever seen, isn't she??!  

And here is the "E" family who stepped forward to adopt "Baby A."  Some families just shine, and this is one of them.  The sweetness you see in this picture is true-to-life.  They are precious.

The "E" Family
If you have ever said to yourself (or if you're particularly brave, you may have said this to someone else), "If I only had the money, I'd adopt...," you are going to love this story!  The E family stepped forward to adopt "BabyA" without a single penny saved for an adoption.  Some may call this crazy.  Others may call it flat-out irresponsible.  But we who have walked this path know that it's really called FAITH.  Understand me on this: GOD LAID IT ON THEIR HEARTS TO ADOPT.  He didn't say to wait until they could afford it.  Remember when He told the fishermen to leave their nets and follow Him?  He didn't tell them to wait until it was convenient...or even to wait until after they were done fishing!  Same with the E family.  He simply put the burden on their hearts to adopt.  Have you ever felt that burden?  Did you shrink back because there was no money saved for an adoption?  If so, stay tuned to this story of the E family as it unfolds.  Your faith is about to get a boost!  :)

Basic facts about the E family:  Dad is a teacher and coach, and Mom is a stay-home-homeschooling-mom.  They budget their money, watch their pennies and shop sales.  They are Christians who seek to walk their talk, stepping out to truly trust the God they have always believed in.

Basic facts about their adoption expenses to date:  So far, the only big cost they have incurred has been their home study.  Every penny of that was deposited into their account just before it was due (via tax return).

The next expense is $9500 DUE IN TWO WEEKS.  After receiving unexpected checks (God is already busy prompting hearts to give to them), they now only lack $7000 of this next fee.  And here is where the story is a cliff hanger.  They don't know how they will pay that next big chunk of money.  They DO know that God will provide somehow, some way, though they cannot yet see the answer.  The fact that so much is due within 2 weeks can bring even the bravest to push the panic button, but the walk of faith often feels like a step into thin air (off of Mt. Everest!).  You feel there's just no way in the world, and then God shows up right on time.

The E family is not sitting back in easy chairs though.   They are planning to do their part in the fundraising, with some local fundraisers in their town.  They plan to work, work, work to bring in funds for their adoption (more information will be posted as they have their fundraisers).  As they do their part, they are trusting God to multiply their efforts just as He multiplied the 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed 5,000+.  His math is always mind-boggling!

So, join us as we walk alongside the E family, getting a front row seat to watch the play-by-play.

1) Commit to pray daily for the E family until they bring "Baby A" home.  And commit to pray for "Baby A" to be safe and healthy in her orphanage.
2) If God prompts you to be part of the blessing of bringing "Baby A" home, please consider helping the E family raise funds.  (Just leave a comment for me, and I will get you in direct contact with them).  God places orphans into families, and He uses His body (us, His church) to do that.  If He prompts you, then give your "widow's mite," and watch Him bless it!  :)

I will update this blog each time I have any new information from the E family, so check back often!