Monday, July 9, 2012

A Day Worth Remembering

First things first...  Yesterday Sandija asked to watch the Jesus movie (in Latvian) again (her third time to see it in the past week).  At the end, they give the prayer of salvation, and yesterday we noticed that she was praying it out loud.  I stopped what I was doing because the magnitude of this spontaneous moment hit me.  She prayed the salvation prayer in her heart language, and when she was finished, she clapped!  We told her how happy we were, although it wasn't possible to communicate to her how truly eternity-altering that moment was in her life.  For some things, all we can do is lift up praise and thanks to our God who is more mighty than we could ever imagine!

And here are photos from Sandija's first experience at a Japanese hibachi grill.  She was absolutely thrilled with the experience (although the fire on the grill scared her a bit).  When we got into the van to drive home, she asked us to stay in the parking lot for a few minutes so that she could get out her journal and write the name of the restaurant on her journal page.  On the drive back home, she wrote about her hibachi experience, and she drew a picture of chopsticks.  I think all of us will remember this day always.  

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