Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrating Sandija

We celebrated Sandija's birthday a bit early.  Here's a peek at her special day in photos...

First stop: Dunkin Donuts.  She wanted donut holes.

And then on to the Georgia Aquarium!  Here she is trying her hand at touching a sting ray.  She was proud of herself for being brave, but she didn't like the feel of it.

Pretending to hold a fish in the aquarium...

Very fun to be in the clear tunnel, and even cooler to have a scuba diver swim overhead!

She was mesmerized!

Then on home for her birthday dinner, cake and presents...  Hello Kitty, of course!

Roses from my parents...

Her meal of choice: hot dogs, potato salad, chips and watermelon...

She asked me to take a picture of Daddy Bear eating pink cake and drinking out of a Hello Kitty cup, which she found to be very funny indeed!

A glimpse into the kind of dinner and cake time we had...

Family photo...

Did I mention that we have issues??!

I guess she liked her mp3 player and her Daddy Bear who loaded it with her favorite Christian music!

And let's just say that she was quite thrilled with her doll.  Yes, in many ways, she is still a very young child.  Precious moment as we watched her open her gifts!  Oh, and she didn't want to mess up any of the wrapping paper, so she cut it neatly open with scissors.  :)

Can you tell that she loves Mama just a bit??  And Mama loves her.

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