Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Odds and Ends

We ran errands today, getting last-minute items for Sandija.  Look at this cute black and white box I found at Target for $1.  We filled it with a bottle of water and some snacks.  The inspiration for this came from many experiences traveling and changing time zones.  One time we found ourselves awake at 5am with starving children whose body clock was at 8am.  They wanted breakfast, but I didn't want to wake our hosts to ask for food before dawn!  :)  So, Sandija will have a little box beside her bed (after all, 4am is going to feel like 11am to her).

Sandija loves to do crafts, so we are going to introduce her to the creative world of scrapbooking, making a fun memory book of her visit.  We loaded up on scrapbooking paper and stickers...all 50% off...whooo-hoo!

Here is our most sought-after treasure.  We had the hardest time finding decent girls' pj's for some reason.  After searching through 3 stores, we finally landed on this cute pj set, and look at the sweet ruffles on the bottom of the pant legs...

Some necessities and some fun girly things...

Can't you just feel the excitement??

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