Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Her Bed and Blanket

So today was the day I finally got to put Sandija's sheets on her bed.  I made a little blanket that she can use while she is here and then take back to Latvia with her.  

It's really amazing how God put the whole thing together...  I made the calendar a few days ago...and I bought the material for the blanket a few weeks ago...and we pulled the pillows off a linen closet shelf about a week ago.  Tonight when we put the whole set together, we were amazed at how it all matched perfectly, without us even knowing it was going to match.  God never ever ceases to amaze me!

Here's her bed (bottom bunk), complete with her "S" on the wall above her bed (matches the "H" above our oldest daughter's bed on the upper bunk).  We plan to take the little dog to give to her at the airport tomorrow.

Less than 24 hours...

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