Sunday, May 8, 2011

You can host an orphaned child

Have you heard of New Horizons for Children, Inc.?  We've had friends who have hosted orphaned children through their agency, and I've only heard GOOD things about New Horizons.

They are in need of host families.  You can visit this link to learn more.

If you've never heard of New Horizons, here's a brief description from their site:

New Horizons for Children is a non-profit, 501(c)3, Christian ministry. Our goal is to identify children in orphanages in other countries who would benefit from and most likely be able to adapt to a Christian family environment in the USA. We aim to teach English, prayer time, cultural differences and how a loving family life can and should be. This one example, may well be, the only example of a functional family in these children's lives. Because of the mission of our program, all our hosting families must be of the Christian faith and attending a Christian church. We are a non-denominational organization, but we are all Christians, serving one God and following Jesus Christ as His son, and as our personal Savior. Teaching and modeling these Christian principles is a primary goal for our hosting families.

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