Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vladislav Needs a Host Family for the summer!

Meet Vladislav.  He lives in a rough orphanage and is awaiting a family in the US to host him this summer through New Horizons.  He is the only one left who does not yet have a host family.  READ HIS STORY HERE and please pass it along to your circle of friends.

When they took the photo above, he didn't know how to smile....he's never had a reason to smile.  :(

Pray for Vladislav to be chosen by a host family.  He has a grant of $500, and someone just doubled it, so he already has $1000 towards the fee of $2500 for hosting him.  Many times families are able to raise the funds very quickly for this, so if you feel God leading you, STEP OUT in faith.   Please pass this information along to others.  He has just a handful of days until he will miss his chance to come to the US for the summer.

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