Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Carrington's Amazing Progress

I want to introduce you to another angel.  This time, the story is an adoption success story that will touch your heart.

Meet Carrington.  When her mom and dad left the orphanage with Carrington in arms, she looked like this:

But when they took off the layers of clothes to change her diaper, this is what they saw:

Little Carrington was 3 years old and weighed 11 pounds.  You can imagine the horror they felt as they saw how malnourished their daughter was.  When they landed in the U.S., they headed straight for the hospital.  You can read the story here.

It has been a long road, but sweet Carrington is finally now HOME from the hospital and is filling out beautifully.  You can see the latest photos and keep up with Carrington's progress at her mom's blog.

Carrington was so blessed to have a forever family who adopted her before she died.  Many children die in institutions because they don't have a Mama or Daddy to care for them, feed them, get them medical care when they most need it.

My daughter just did a presentation about a missionary today.  The missionary was living in China many years ago and was unable to leave her post because she was caring for 200 orphans.  She asked God to send her a husband.  But, no husband came.  Later in her life, she said something like, "I believe God answers prayers.  I believe God DID call a man to come to China to marry me.  But that man didn't listen!"  We all laughed at her sense of humor, but it got me thinking...

How many children are waiting in orphanages and institutions right now because the people who are being called to adopt them simply haven't obeyed?  How many people have had their hearts tugged and burdened to adopt...and then walked away for any number of reasons?  This is not a guilt trip.  In fact, please don't make any decision out of guilt.  But, what if instead of listing our reasons why we cannot do something...what if we simply prayed, "God, do you want me to do this?  I'm available.  I'm open.  I have no plans but your plans."

Do I believe that everyone is called to adopt?  NO.  I've heard stories of children who wished they had never been adopted because their adoptive parents adopted them out of guilt or other wrong reasons.  So, NO, I don't believe every family is called to adopt.  We all play different roles...some adopt, some foster, some give financially to make it possible for other families to adopt, some pray for children awaiting adoption.  EVERY ROLE IS IMPORTANT.

But my challenge is: go beyond easy.  What would happen if you just opened it up, laying all reservations, excuses, fears aside and said sincerely, "God, I'm here.  WHATEVER you want me to do, I'll do."


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