Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pray for Ellis

Here's another sweet pea who is HIV+ and in need of a forever family.  Pray along with us!


Boy, Born April 7, 2006
From an adopting parent who visited his new orphanage in March 2011: "One of the days we went to visit our daughter, her groupa was getting ready to go outside. Ellis came up to me for help getting his coat on as the caretakers were helping other kids. He chatted with me and was very inquisitive. He did NOT hug or hang on me but behaved completely appropriately with me as I tied his hood and helped with his coat. He loved talking to me (even though I couldn't understand a lot of it) and his speech sounds very clear. I saw him several other times and he is a little ham! He made a lego house for me and tried to get my attention through a glass door by dancing for me. One of the days we were there, he was in trouble and was sitting in timeout. Although he was crying, he sat nicely and waited to be let out of timeout. After his timeout, he went to play. He seems to be a very sweet, smart little boy and I know he is ready for his family to come and take him home!"
He was observed wearing glasses sometimes and doesn't seem to mind wearing them.
The orphanage he is in seems to be a good one for children aged 3-7. The groupas are not separated by age. The kids do a variety of work. They color pictures and do sewing projects to work on fine motor skills. The children play outside a lot. The children appear to be well-fed and anyone who needs medication receives it. They also have a sensory therapy room, a physical therapy room, a music room and an art room. There are about 5 groupas in the orphanage, with about 9-10 children in each group. 
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