Monday, April 4, 2011


Last year we helped advocate for this little munchkin.  We spoke to friends who prayed about adopting Kirill, but the door did not open.  Soon after, another family stepped forward to adopt him.  Their adoption process has been very long and rough.  Recently, the judge ruled that they could not adopt Kirill, simply because he has Down Syndrome.  They are appealing that ruling and are seeking prayer warriors to rally together for their cause.  It is GOD who sets the lonely in families...God and God alone.  So, please join me in lifting up in faith-filled prayer precious Kirill and this family who loves him so dearly.

I urge you to visit their blog to read their story and join them in urgent prayer.   On their blog, scroll down to their blog post titled "Kirill's Story."


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  1. Thank you for your ministry. I am the adoptive mom to two Ukrainian-Americans--now teenagers. I love to see other Christians show a heart for adoption and not just birthing. Thank you!