Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray for Sarah

Did you know that children who are HIV+ are able to live long lives with the help of medication?  

There are many children who are HIV+ due to mother-to-child transmission during birth.  These children often await a forever family.  Many never receive families because people are unaware of the facts.  To learn more about the medical aspects of living with a child with HIV, go to THIS BLOG post.

To learn more about adopting and parenting a child with HIV, visit Project Hopeful's site.

And for all the prayer warriors out there, please pray for Sarah.  She is one of many children with HIV who are awaiting adoption.  Look at that face!  :)  Pray that her forever family will step up to adopt her and give her access to the medicine she needs to live.


Date of Birth: October 2005
Lively child, cheerful character, always in good spirits. Accurate, loves beautiful clothes and playing dress-up. She takes pride in her appearance. She likes to help her nannies set the table for dinner. She takes this job very seriously and she wears an apron and a cap and puts everything in it's correct place – fork on the left, knife on the right. She loves to draw and is very artistic. Her drawings often depict a house, a mom and a dad. She hopes that her dream will come true.
The only health information that we have about Sarah at this time is that she has a "serious incurable disease". She is listed on the HIV page and also on the Other Angels page in case it is Hepatitis C or something else. Please be open to health conditions if committing to adopt Sarah as we may not be able to get medical records before committment in this region. 
Sarah may be at risk of being transferred.
$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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