Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Horizons for Children VIDEO

Here is a precious video that New Horizons for Children put together after the summer hosting program.  All the children you see on here are orphans in Latvia and Ukraine.  All were hosted for 5 weeks this summer.  Some of them are now on the road to being adopted, while others are not.  All are, at present, in their orphanages or summer "camps" without a family.

Take 5 minutes to view this and pray.  Look at these faces and take in the fact that they are earthly orphans...this is the real deal.  See beyond the photos and realize that each has a life, a past, a hurt, a favorite color, a favorite food, a belly laugh...a life that we cannot simply walk away from.  

Pray for the children who are being adopted.  Pray for forever families to find the ones who are not yet in the process of adoption.  And take the bold step to ask God what YOU might be able to do.  Host? Adopt?  Be a wrap-around family to support an adoptive family?  Make a financial contribution to an adoption?  Advocate?  Share this video with your friends?  PRAY.PRAY.PRAY.  This is not something for someone else to do.  If you are a Christian, this is for YOU to do.  Ask Him what your part is, and step into it.

This video is best viewed in full screen or on YouTube so that you can read the Scripture promises.  (By the way, our Sandija is in this video, soon after the 1-minute mark...starting at 1:16 to be exact!)  

I have another blog post that is in the works, and I will post that someday soon.  It is a personal view of our own hosting/adopting journey.  Words have been slow in coming on that one, but it's almost there.....

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