Tuesday, April 6, 2010


First, I wanted to share some pictures that are close to my heart. The first one is of our family on Easter morning just after a sunrise service at a beautiful ranch. I don't know why it took so long for us to be able to do this, but this is actually our FIRST family photo (with all of us in the picture!) since we adopted our youngest princess 8 months ago.

This second picture is of our youngest son. Last week we were watching a movie about the life of Jesus (one of our traditions right before Easter), and this little guy began to feel convicted in his heart. For the first time, he realized that Jesus died for HIM. He climbed up in our laps, and after the movie, he wanted to talk about it. Right then and there, he decided to follow Jesus. He asked Him into his heart, and this Mama was so happy to lead him in that prayer. And he was positively BEAMING! I've never seen anyone so radiant with that fresh joy that God gives when His Spirit is given to live inside them. I told him I'd like to take a picture of him because he was glowing. Here he is...

Now to the subject at hand...free-falling...

I had a dream last week. I was falling through the air high above the ground (perhaps I had jumped out of an airplane), and I could feel that sickening feeling that I absolutely hate: free-falling! In my dream, I was screaming, "God, I don't like free-falling!!!" And I heard Him say something like, "Enjoy it. Try flipping and flying. Enjoy the fall." Something in His voice was very calm and soothing. I could heard the smile in His voice, encouraging me to enjoy the fall. So, I stopped flailing my arms and instead began to fly or "swim" like the skydivers do. And as I began to enjoy it, I could barely notice the feeling of free-falling. And then I woke up. I had no doubt that He was encouraging me, even in my sleep (that has only happened this one time...I wish I could dream like that every night!).

In time, I will be able to share details of what this dream means in our real life. Suffice it to say, we'll soon be free-falling...not a physical jump from an airplane but somehow even more intimidating because this is a spiritual leap of faith, with nothing physical to "see." But there's a complete sense that God Himself is in full control of the free-fall. I pray that we can ENJOY it instead of screaming the whole way! :)

I sense that someone reading this is also in position to take some spiritual steps of faith...that in some way God is calling you to step out into something unknown and way out of your comfort zone. I wish I could have pulled you into my dream because there was a deep deep sense of peace in that free-falling...that leap of faith that feels like thin air. Remember, he LOVES faith...faith pleases Him...and in those steps of faith, we can experience amazing miracles and peace that passes all understanding.

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