Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This post is all about girls!  :)  

First, the E family, who is adopting little Avalyn, is having a raffle to give away an AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!  Raffle tickets are $10 each, or 3 for $25.  If you are a fan of American Girl dolls, you will know that is a great ticket price!  And the best part is that all the proceeds go towards the E family's adoption.  So hop on over to their blog and buy a ticket or 2 or 3.

Now, let's talk about a certain Latvian princess.  Remember her?
We will be hosting Sandija this summer for 5 weeks.  I will be blogging during our hosting experience, so check back often during the month of July.  In the meantime, we're preparing for her visit.  We talk about her endlessly, and the children have a countdown going.  29 days until Sandija arrives...  

I'll answer the biggie question:  No, we don't have any specific plans to adopt.  But, yes, we are open to adoption if God opens that door and leads us through it.  It's literally a step-by-step obedience issue for us.  We have no idea where this roads leads, but we have determined that we will follow God wherever He leads.

Generally speaking, some of the host children get adopted (approximately 65%).  Some, though, are not available for adoption.  Others who are available for adoption sometimes choose not to be adopted for a variety of reasons.  So, this is not a clear-cut thing.  To be honest, when it comes to my role in orphans' lives, I prefer it to be clear-cut.  I prefer a plan.  I want to know what my heart is getting into.  I like to see at least a tad bit further down the road.  But that is not the journey we have agreed to this time.  This time, we can only see about 10 feet in front of us, and then the road bends up ahead.  

All we know at this point is that we are hosting Sandija.  And, God has blessed me with peace in not knowing any more than that.  It's a faith walk, and we've agreed to enter into Sandija's life for whatever purpose and plan God has.  We've agreed to say yes to His plan, whatever it may be.  For now, all we see is the very next step.  There's great freedom in that...freedom to look forward to this hosting experience without worry of what lies beyond.

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