Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rise Up, Prayer Warriors!!

Forgive my lack of posts.  I've been busy with helping a good number of people walk through the adoption process.  This is a "job" I thoroughly love!  If you yourself are thinking of stepping out to adopt, be encouraged that many are standing in your very shoes right now...looking down that long, winding, unknown path and wondering, "Can I do this?"  I encourage you to take that first step.  I've watched over and over again as people just like you step forward, and upon each step of faith, God moves mountains.

Now, turning to the "big work" in orphan ministry...  Many months ago, I asked my mom's cousin Meric to please pray for one of the orphans on Reece's Rainbow.  She prayed for him faithfully day after day for months on end, and she would ask me for updates often.  I loved her simplicity of faith and her determination to present this little guy before the Father.  There had been no progress, and this child was still without a family and in danger of being transferred to a mental institution.  Meric didn't care what the statistics were.  Instead, she just kept presenting this little boy before her King's throne each and every day, reminding Him that He was the only One who could raise up a family to adopt.  I have to admit that my faith wavered in the long wait, but Meric's faith stayed solid and sure.  Then, sometime during the Christmas holidays, God supplied that miracle in a big way.  He not only provided a family to step up to adopt this child, but He also provided an adoption fund that supplied almost every bit of the necessary funds for his adoption!  Meric was thrilled but not the least bit surprised.  And my faith grew.  Again, I realized the often overlooked aspect of prayer.  It is indeed the most important work in orphan ministry.

So, I come before you today, trusting that God is going to send someone to this blog who WANTS to be a part of helping orphans but simply doesn't know how.  It is YOU, my friend, that will play a huge role in aiding an orphan...right now...and right where you sit behind your computer.  I want you to see little Nathan's photos below, and I would absolutely love for you to commit to pray for him every single day until God places him into a family.  Pray with faith, and bring Nathan before God's throne every day.  Cry out to the Father of the fatherless on behalf of Nathan.  You may be the only one in the world praying for him right now.  PRAYER IS THE BIG WORK!!!  It moves mountains.  And Nathan needs someone's faith to move mountains for him.  Please commit to daily faithful prayer, and then check Nathan's process on Reece's Rainbow.

Nathan 16G

Boy was born in November 2004
God, please don't let this happen anymore!  I can not bear to see these precious gifts wasting away before our eyes.   God, help Nathan and all of these children find forever families…let the world understand the gift they are, that they shuold not be hidden away and mistreated like this :(  
Look at Nathan, as an infant, and what he has regressed into….neglected, malnourished, but full of potential and life, even still.  God help him find a family who will accept him no matter what his needs are. 

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