Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet sweet Oleg

Of all the orphans I've introduced on this blog, this is the one that has most moved me.  WHY?  Because I've met him.  I've had dinner with him.  I've laughed with him.  I've cried for him.  In other words, to some degree, I've entered into his life.  It is one thing to read the statistics and to see the photos, but it is another thing to actually meet an orphan face-to-face and know that they are soon returning to orphanage life.  

Some of our friends are hosting Oleg through the New Horizons program this summer.  If you'd like to read more about New Horizons, please visit THEIR SITE.  

Some of the orphans who have been hosted are going to be adopted by their host families or by friends of the host families.  Others, like Oleg, have not yet had someone step forward to adopt them for a variety of different reasons.  These particular orphans are now on a list, and YOU can consider them for adoption.  Even if you feel you cannot adopt, please PRAY for them by name.  A photo listing can be found at THIS LINK.

And because Sir Oleg is so special to my heart, I'm highlighting him here on my blog and will advocate for him until his forever family steps up to adopt him.  So, as I wrote in my last post, we commit this to God.
1) PRAY that God, who is Father to the fatherless, will place Oleg into his forever family.
2) TRUST that it is God alone who can place the lonely in families.
3) BE WILLING AND AVAILABLE to be the human hands and feet of Jesus for Oleg.  Be willing to be used by Him as the family where He places Oleg.  We are His Body.  He uses US to set the lonely into families.

"Lord, we bring precious Oleg to You.  You, God, are Father to the fatherless.  You know this child inside and out.  You created his life and have good plans for him.  We ask you to be faithful to Your Word to place the lonely into families.  We trust You alone to do this.  And if You want to use OUR hands and feet and home, please show us.  We are willing to do whatever You ask us to do.  We pray all this in Jesus' Name, trusting fully that You will answer in Your absolutely perfect time."

The following is Oleg's photo and short bio.  If you are interested in adopting Oleg, please contact New Horizons.

Oleg: 11 years old, loves both outside and inside play. He is good at puzzles, legos, games, drawing, crafts, and foosball. He also loves outside play such as soccer, swimming, Frisbee, and he just learned how to ride a bike. He is a very persistent boy when it comes to learning new things. While learning to ride a bike, he was not reckless, but certainly not afraid. It seemed he was aware that there might be pain involved but that was what it would take to learn this new skill. He is very helpful and does things without being asked such as bringing in groceries, getting little children in and out of their car seats and opening doors. He enjoys playing with children of all ages and gets along well with our children from two up to twelve. He has a very good appetite and has never refused any food we've served him, and likes to help cook. We do not have any pets currently, but he seems very comfortable around the dogs that belong to our various friends. He has really bonded with our 9 year old son (they seem almost like twins) and just like all boys, they can get excited and a little loud, however Oleg is usually easily redirected when we request they settle down. He does not talk a lot, but is beginning to open up more and talk some, however I am fairly certain he understands a good deal of English. We have had no problems communicating with him. He seems interested in the bible, both audio and print. He seemed shy at first, but after that he has had lots of smiles, and enjoys trying to new things.

And, while we have a particular child in mind, I ask you to watch this video again.  We simply cannot afford depraved indifference a day longer.

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