Sunday, June 5, 2011

On a Mission to Unite Twins!

A friend of mine passed this information along to me...  It's an amazing true story of a family who adopted a little girl from China.  Their daughter mourned significantly, and they soon discovered that she had left her twin sister in China.  The adoptive family had no idea that she had a twin.  For several reasons, they are unable to adopt their daughter's twin, but we are all in prayer that someone will adopt her and will allow the girls to maintain contact as they grow through the years.  The adoptive family lives in Wisconsin, so it would be extra wonderful if a Wisconsin family could adopt the sister.  I ask you to pass along this information to your circle of friends.  Perhaps someone reading this will be the bridge between these 2 precious sisters.  PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK to read the story.  The blog post is titled "Left Behind."

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