Friday, February 11, 2011

An Orphan's Story, Part 2

Here's a family for which we will always be thankful.  This is her foster family.  Here's our daughter with her foster mom.  We have many sweet pictures of them together, and it's such a blessing for us to have such loving photos to share with our daughter as she grows older.  She will know how LOVED she always has been!

Here she is with her foster dad.  Again, we have many great photos of them together.

Oh how I LOVE this picture with those toothless gums!!  We missed that stage in her life, so it is amazing to have photos to help bridge that gap for us and later for her too as she wants to know her life story.

And, as I stated in the last post, there are some photos that make me get teary-eyed, wishing I had been there for the little bumps and bruises and moments when Mama is needed.  (But, as you can see, she was well cared for...and I'm sure that the princess liked how her wound was bandaged like a beautiful head piece!)

Hmmmm...  Does she look like she's enjoying that beach gear?  :)  Poor baby!  But at least we do know that she went to the beach with her foster family.  That is a wonderful piece of her first year of life.  In time, I think she will giggle when she sees some of these pictures. It's part of her story.

Here she is at the beach still...but this time out of that contraption and into a cozy stroller.  Happy girl!

As you can probably tell, our daughter was blessed to have a good foster family.  This was all part of God's plan for her life.  We cannot understand the WHY part of everything...why her birth mother had to make the choice she did, why she was bounced from foster home to orphanage, why it took 3 years until she was placed in her forever family...many WHY's.  But we do know that for whatever purpose and reason, her birth mother decided to give her the gift of a forever family.  Her first stop on that journey was several months spent in her foster family's home.

And for whatever purpose or reason, the next step of her journey took her to an orphanage.  I'll blog about that next time...

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