Saturday, January 29, 2011


I met my friend "E" a couple of years ago.  Our story is actually very interesting, as she is the one who led me to Reece's Rainbow (where we found our youngest daughter), but at the time, I didn't even know "E."  Since then, we have become friends.  She and I have such similar hearts, similar burdens.  When I read so many of her blog entries, I feel as though I had written them because it is my heart! She included this video on her blog awhile back, and I so agreed with it deep in my spirit that I had to share it here. 

Take the time to watch this and let it sink in and shake the indifference.  He CAN change us to be more like Him if we only let Him.  We CAN be His Hands and Feet if we are willing to lose our indifference.

Will we grieve over this?  Will we be willing to fight for our King and His Glory? 

"For His Glory, we will rescue these little ones."

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