Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gift bags for birth mothers

Last night several moms (and one sweet teenager!) from our local homeschool group got together to assemble gift bags and baskets for birth mothers. Every person brought some items for the gift bags, including matching baby blankets for birth mother and baby, matching bracelets for birth mother and baby, photo frames, photo albums, journals with pens, beautiful handmade note cards, and disposable cameras.

We lined the items up on the table like a buffet line. :)

Then every person grabbed a bag or basket and filled it up with one of each item.

It worked out perfectly that we had exactly the right amount of "boy blankets" for the blue "boy bags" and exactly enough "girl blankets" for the girl bags and exactly enough "neutral blankets" for the "neutral bags." (We didn't plan it that way. We just asked for blankets and bags, without specifying gender colors.). I had been praying for all the items to come in and for the right amount of gender specific items to come in. And God always is faithful! ALWAYS! I'm finding that the more I leave things in His Hands, the more perfect things turn out.

And just like He multiplied the loaves and fish, He also somehow multiplied the gift bags and baskets. We had planned on making 12. We had asked for enough items to make 12 bags, and yet somehow (in a way that only God can explain because the rest of us were confused at how it happened!), when we finished making our 12 bags/baskets, there was one extra! In case you wondered if God still multiplies, you can be assured that He indeed does!
This spoke volumes to me because how often do we wonder if He will really come through? How often do we wonder if the little we have to offer is enough accomplish anything in the huge needy world that we live in? How often do we hold back from offering the tiny bit that we can give because we think it's "not enough"? He doesn't need us to give a lot. He needs us to simply give what we have...no matter how small or insignificant we think it may be. And then HE takes it, breaks it and multiplies it! Remember...it's about HIM, not us! We still serve the same God of the Bible miracles. Let Him multiply whatever you have to offer for His Kingdom work. And you too will find His miracle of multiplication done right before your eyes!

Here are the bags and baskets all finished and ready to deliver to a precious adoption agency in our state.

Thank you to all the sweet ladies who made this possible by donating items and time. (And, by the way, with all of us working on this project, it only took 25 minutes to put these bags/baskets together!) Y'all did an excellent job, and God did the work of making sure we'd have exactly what we needed...and then some extra!

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