Monday, December 21, 2009

A gift with meaning

Lookie what our friends delivered to our house yesterday! I've had a lot of meaningful gifts given to me in my life, and this one ranks right up there among the top! It's a tea platter with all our favorite things: homemade gingerbread muffins, tea bags, a CD, a candle, and a jar of "Russian Tea Mix" with an orphan ministry message on it!

Here's an up-close of the Russian Tea Mix, and on the lid you'll see a cute homemade "tag" that looks like a tea bag. And there's Kirill on the front. Kirill is the precious little boy I blogged about recently. Look at the message: "Remember to pray for Kirill and Russian orphans."

I cannot express in words how thrilled I was to receive such a meaningful gift. It was more than a gift. It was an encouraging reminder that there are sincere prayer warriors who are lifting up these children who so desperately need someone in their corner. And it was also a creative twist to being an advocate for orphans. If one person in every church or community would give similar gifts to their friends for birthdays and special occasions, just think of how many orphans would be prayed for and thought about throughout the year. This has given me HUGE encouragement and lots of little ideas that are spiraling off of it.

Kirill's tea bag is now hanging on our refrigerator as a daily reminder to pray for this little guy!

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